Retired Or About To Retire?

If you are retired or about to retire, how about joining the HSC Retirement Fellowship? There are nearly 200 Branches throughout the United Kingdom, with 10 Branches in Northern Ireland and retired Health and Social Services staff are relishing their new found 'freedom', enabling them to pursue and develop new and varied interests and pastimes.

About Us About Us

About the HSC Retirement Fellowship

Share in the active involvement of a caring organisation, keep in touch with former colleagues, share interests and activities with old and new friends. The Fellowship gives you these opportunities and so much more.

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Branches Branches

Branches throughout Northern Ireland

Currently there are 10 branches, which normally meet from September to June and each branch is responsible for organising its own programme of activities such as theatre outings day visits, weekend trips, holidays etc.

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Membership Membership

HSC Retirement Fellowship Membership

Becoming a member unlocks the door to a new life. With active envolvement in activities, talk and outings there is also the added benefit of The Link Newsletter a publication to keep our members informed of fellowship news.

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Contact Contact

Contact us for more information

With a large number of branches to choose from and Northern Ireland being the biggest region in the UK for memberships, you can be sure to find a fellowship branch close to you. Click here for more information.

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